Fall League Registration-2023

Fall Leagues are back!!!. 

Outdoor Leagues

Fall Ultimate – Starting September 13th, 7 weeks for $50. Wednesday nights 7-8pm (there will be two weeks we will play 8-9pm) September Lions Park Diane Dr, October Princess of wales ball diamond.

Registration Deadline September 11th

Indoor Leagues

Fall Recreational Volleyball – Starting October 2nd, 11 weeks for $100. Monday nights 6:30-10:30pm. 1 hr games. Credit Meadows Gym

Registration Deadline September 26th


Fall Intermediate Volleyball – Starting October 5th, 12 weeks for $100. Thursday nights 6:30-10:30pm. 1 hr games. Montgomery Village Public School

Registration Deadline September 29th

Fall Dodgeball – Starting October 4th, 12 weeks for $80. Wednesday nights 7-9:30pm 45min games. Spencer Ave Elementary School

Registration Deadline September 28th

Recreational vs Intermediate:

Recreational players can bump and volley, have knowledge on the rules of volleyball but are not comfortable with harder spiking (this is not a beginners league). Intermediate players can bump, set spike fairly consistently. They are comfortable with spikes coming at them. All rules are followed at all times. This is not crazy competitive where people will get injured by hits (spikes not at college or university level but people are spiking).